Additives for Lead Acid Batteries

Lead acid batteries are one of the key components in an automobile. Without a battery the car cannot get started and most safety systems will not operate.
Nowadays with the implementation of fuel saving systems with a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, battery performance is becoming even more important.
Start/stop technology and regenerative braking have placed new demands on automotive batteries such as charging/discharging at different states of charge as well as an improved high current charge acceptance and increased cycle life.
The positive and negative active materials in a battery have to match these new demands and battery producers are forced to adjust their active material formulations according to new specifications from the car manufacturers.
PENOX GmbH as a partner of the battery industry recognized these technical changes and started to develop additives which help to meet the new demands. In the first step PENOX focussed on the improvement of the positive active material by delivering an additive which controls the crystal size of positive active material especially when cured at elevated temperatures. Later on PENOX developed expander mixes for the negative active material to improve the ability to take high currents during regenerative braking.
Today using modern paste and plate manufacturing technologies, battery additives produced by PENOX GmbH offer an added value to the battery manufacturer and will support all battery types amongst them robust design batteries as well as EFB-, AGM- and GEL-type batteries.

TBLS+® Tetra Basic Lead Sulphate Seeding Material

10 years ago PENOX GmbH developed tetra basic lead sulphate seeding material with a particle size of 0.5 micron enabling battery manufacturers to produce tetra basic cured positive active materials by controlling the porosity and crystal size of the positive active material. This product was patented in 2005 and is sold under the name TBLS+®. Due to the fact that TBLS+® is delivered as a slurry it is possible to distribute the seeds very homogenously within the paste adding 0.3% up to 1.5% of the leadoxide in the paste mix.
During the last three years PENOX GmbH has introduced TBLS+® into industrial batteries, where it has provided remarkable results for the initial capacity of the battery without any loss of capacity during deep cycle tests. For such specific applications only 0.5% of TBLS+® was added to the positive paste and can be fairly distributed homogeneously within the paste due to it being a dispersion.


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PE 110 – 410, Expander Mix Types

Because of the design of batteries it is not enough to improve one part of the active material. It is quite clear that the negative active material has to follow the new requirements as well. In mid 2011 PENOX GmbH developed a new range of Expander mixes offering advantages over those current availability at different states of discharge and reducing softening of negative active material during battery use. In combination with TBLS+® our Expander mixes can improve the lifetime performance of negative plates without any loss of cold cranking performance. These new Expander mixes are now available from our new facility in Germany.

The general mixes available:

PE 110    Expander mix types for standard SLI batteries
PE 210    Expander mix types for EFB, AGM and Gel-type batteries
PE 300    Expander mix types for Stationary batteries
PE 410    Expander mix types for Traction batteries

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