Corporate Values

As an international provider of products and services essential to efficient battery systems, PENOX participates in finding solutions for future environmental and energy storage challenges.

In a dynamic market, we need a solid foundation and a common understanding of our company, with a clear identity represented by a set of values in which all employees of PENOX adhere. We base our daily work and our interactions on these values from which our guiding principles are derived.

We believe that an atmosphere of trusting partnership is key to a long-term and successful future. These principles do not only describe our self-understanding, but stand for our corporate culture. For all employees, this set of values serves as a mandatory foundation for our joint action.
PENOX headquarters are located in Eschborn, Germany. PENOX Group is operating in four production sites in different countries and 180 employees.


…We collaborate openly, on an equal level and we are committed to the highest standard of quality in products, services and processes…


…we appreciate the long term relation with our business partners and we build this relationship on honesty: We are true to others and to ourselves…


…PENOX encourages employees to identify new business opportunities, to develop new markets and to constantly create new ideas as well as products …