Lead Oxide

PENOX Group is one of the world’s largest producers of lead oxides, with a clear focus to serve the lead-acid battery sector.  We supply a full range of lead oxides, partnering with all major automotive and industrial battery companies covering standard SLI, AGM and EFB applications as well as industrial battery systems for traction, UPS, solar and other energy storage applications.

With production plants located in Germany, Spain, Mexico and Korea, PENOX is a global supplier who provides lead oxides, additives and engineering services to battery producers all around the world.

PENOX Group is able to supply all grades of lead oxide with specific characteristics to achieve modern battery requirements including Start-Stop but also for high temperature applications .

Our lead oxide product portfolio is completed by litharge, manufactured in PENOX GmbH in Germany as well as in PENOX Mexico. Litharge is mainly used in the glass, ceramics, chemical and mining (to produce lead acetates) industries.

Red Lead

Within PENOX Group red lead is produced in two steps using batch and continuous operating furnaces. PENOX GmbH in Germany is also able to manufacture a single step red lead for special battery applications.

The final product quality is adjusted to the customer application in terms of Pb3O4 content, grain size distribution and tamped density. Red lead can be supplied in different grades matching the needs of batteries, optical or crystal glass, paints, frits for ceramics, technical ceramics and specific plastic compounds. All red lead grades can be made as high purity products.

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Battery Oxide

Currently lead acid battery producers are the biggest consumer of lead oxides and red lead produced within PENOX Group.

Ever more sophisticated battery manufacturing processes require PENOX to meet higher demands in terms of the oxide physio-chemical characteristics . In our different locations PENOX produces battery oxides either in Barton or in P20 reactors. All oxide types have specific product characteristics such as acid absorption, water absorption , particle size distribution and tamped density values related to the reactivity of the oxide. PENOX Group is able to offer a range of different product grades of constant quality and high purity.

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Within PENOX Group our factories in Ohrdruf/Germany and Monterrey/Mexico are producing litharge in a two steps oxidation process. Thanks to this kind of process the final product is completely oxidized without free lead residues and can therefore be used for glass, ceramics, mining and other chemical applications.

Beside litharge powder PENOX GmbH in Germany is also able to produce granulated litharge mainly for glass application such as lead crystal, X-ray protection and glass fibres. This product allows a nearly dust-free handling during transport and processing.

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