Within PENOX Group our factories in Ohrdruf/Germany and Monterrey/Mexico are producing litharge in a two steps oxidation process. Thanks to this kind of process the final product is completely oxidized without free lead residues and can therefore be used for glass, ceramics, mining and other chemical applications.

Powder Litharge is a finely milled bright yellow lead (II) oxide of a rhombic crystal modification (β PbO)


Benefits for glass, ceramics, mining and chemical applications using PENOX powder litharge:

  • No discolourings in derived products because of predominantly pure rhombic, yellow modification
  • Very low content of impurities
  • Narrow particle size distribution which improves homogenity of piezo ceramic and rubber compounds


Beside litharge powder PENOX GmbH in Germany is also able to produce granulated litharge mainly for glass application such as lead crystal, X-ray protection and glass fibres. This product allows a nearly dust-free handling during transport and processing.


Granulated litharge is an orange-brown material manufactured without additives by a granulation process


Benefits for glass applications using PENOX  granulated litharge

  • Free flowing material
  • Easier clean-up of spills
  • Free of binding agents
  • Good melting properties
  • Very low content of impurities