TBLS+® Tetra Basic Lead Sulphate Seeding Material

In 2005 PENOX GmbH developed TBLS+® enabling battery manufacturers to produce tetra basic cured positive active materials by controlling the porosity and crystal size of the active material. Our patented TBLS+® with a particle size of < 0.6 micron is delivered as a dispersion to distribute the seeds very homogenously within the paste. Addition rate is from 0.3% up to 1.5% of the lead oxide in the paste mix for automotive and industrial battery applications.

Significant performance improvement thanks to TBLS+®:

› Gives more stable capacity C20 in discharge and recharge applications
› Limits passivation after deep discharge (Sb free effect)
› Improves cycling performance under partial state of charge
› Avoids softening of the active material in lifetime tests (hot cycling tests at 60°C and more)
› Longer lifetime batteries
› Less variation for battery performance during lifetime