Additives for Lead Acid Batteries

Since 2005 PENOX is developing specialised chemicals dedicated to energy storage solutions. PENOX , as part of the Battery community, is looking for better additives on energy storage in order to cope with regulation evolution and increasing demand from industry / customers.


In 2005 PENOX GmbH developed TBLS+® enabling battery manufacturers to produce tetra basic cured positive active materials by controlling the porosity and crystal size of the active material. Our patented TBLS+® with a particle size of < 0.6 micron is delivered as a dispersion to distribute the seeds very homogenously within the paste. Addition rate is from 0.3% up to…..

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Expander Mix Types

With modern battery design it is not enough to improve the positive active material performance only, it is quite clear that the negative active material also has to meet new requirements. Since mid 2011 PENOX GmbH has been developing new types of Expander mix offering advantages in terms of current availability under different states ….

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