Corporate Values

As an international provider of products and services essential to efficient battery systems, PENOX participates in finding solutions for future environmental and energy storage challenges.

In a dynamic market, we need a solid foundation and a common understanding of our company, with a clear identity represented by a set of values in which all employees of PENOX adhere. We base our daily work and our interactions on these values from which our guiding principles are derived.

We believe that an atmosphere of trusting partnership is key to a long-term and successful future. These principles do not only describe our self-understanding, but stand for our corporate culture. For all employees, this set of values serves as a mandatory foundation for our joint action.
PENOX headquarters are located in Eschborn, Germany. PENOX Group is operating in four production sites in different countries and 180 employees.


PENOX Group, initially founded as the Penarroya Oxide Group, is one of the world’s largest producers of lead oxides, with operations in Germany, Spain, Mexico and Korea.

In addition to lead oxides, PENOX has growing sales in other activities:  Battery additives and R&D laboratory to meet the customer’s demand.


January: PENOX Köln factory has been closed, dismantled and cleaned, with proper management and respect of the social including transfer of personnel to our Ohrdruf factory


July: opening of new product development centre in Germany

A clear focus for the development is to expand our range of functional additives for both positive and negative plates. As part of our development programme PENOX is at the same time increasing the cooperation with external testing and research institutes.


July: Acquisition of 100% of PENOX KOREA shares by PENOX Group.


REACH is the abbreviation for Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals in the European Chemical industry and came into force on June 1st, 2007.
REACH replaced most of the previous chemical legislation of the EC. Its main target is to ensure a high level of protection for human health and environment.
Under REACH manufacturers and/or importers within the EC bear more responsibility than before for specific risks caused by chemicals. REACH forces industry to provide users with pertinent safety information.

Social Responsability

Working Conditions

… All work is voluntary, no inhuman treatment, no child labour, no discrimination…

Health and safety

… PENOX take care of their workers: safety, injury, illness, hygiene, physically demanding work and machine safeguarding…


… All required environmental permits and registrations are obtained when producing or transferring any goods…


… Non acceptance of corrupt practices, respect of competition rules…