Red Lead

Within PENOX Group red lead is produced in two steps using continuous operating furnaces. Red lead can be supplied in different grades matching the needs of optical or crystal glasses, paints, frits for ceramics, technical ceramics, specific plastic compounds and batteries.

The final product quality is adjusted to the customer application in terms of Pb3O4 content, grain size distribution and tamped density. Optimized red lead grades have been developed for EFB/AGM batteries providing excellent performance in combination with TBLS+ and our Expander.

Benefits for battery production using PENOX Red Lead vs milled highly oxidised red lead


– Improved charge/discharge performance (minimised pore blocking, better exchange of sulphuric acid during discharge/charge)
– Improved available short term capacity (optimised α/β – PbO2 in the pos. plate)
– Better material utilization (more homogeneous distribution)
– Improved available capacity (ratio α to β – PbO2)

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