PENOX Expander mixes

With modern battery design it is not enough to improve the positive active material performance only, it is quite clear that the negative active material also has to meet new requirements. Since mid 2011 PENOX GmbH has been developing new types of Expander mix offering advantages in terms of current availability under different states of discharge and reducing the softening of negative active material (NAM) during use. In combination with TBLS+® our Expander mixes can improve the lifetime performance of negative plates without any loss of cold cranking performance. PENOX Expander mixes are developed and produced in our facility in Germany/EU.

PENOX Standard expander mixes available:

PE 110 Expander mix types for standard SLI batteries
PE110HCA Expander mix types for High Charge Acceptance batteries
PE 210/220 Expander mix types for EFB, AGM and Gel-type batteries
PE 300/310 Expander mix types for Stationary batteries
PE 410 Expander mix types for Traction batteries