PENOX Group, initially founded as the Penarroya Oxide Group, is one of the world’s largest producers of lead oxides, with operations in Germany, Spain, Mexico and Korea.

In addition to lead oxides, PENOX has growing sales in other activities:  Battery additives and R&D laboratory to meet the customer’s demand.


January: PENOX Köln factory has been closed, dismantled and cleaned, with proper management and respect of the social including transfer of personnel to our Ohrdruf factory


July: opening of new product development centre in Germany

A clear focus for the development is to expand our range of functional additives for both positive and negative plates. As part of our development programme PENOX is at the same time increasing the cooperation with external testing and research institutes.


July: Acquisition of 100% of PENOX KOREA shares by PENOX Group.


July: Our new state-of-the-art lead oxide production plant in YeongCheon City near Daegu in South Korea started battery oxide deliveries to one of the leading battery producers in Korea. From September the production plant also started deliveries of high grade red lead oxides to the Asian market.


The first ground work on site started in November and only 8 months later the new Korean production team started first deliveries. This project marks an important move for PENOX Group to establish a significant capacity production in the Asian markets and to provide an international lead oxide supply to the major battery manufacturers.


To complete his geographical expansion, PENOX opened a commercial branch in Seoul, Korea, PENOX Korea. This was the first step to our expansion in Asia.


PENOX purchased all the shares of their partner and relocated the operation close to Monterrey, in Dr Gonzalez. Since then, this factory has been one of the most modern lead oxide facilities in America.


As the leading European leader of lead oxides, PENOX extended its activities in North America by developing a joint venture with Pyosa S.A. de CV in Monterrey, Mexico.


PENOX was created by the merger of the lead oxide activities of Heubach & Lindgens and Metaleurop – bringing together lead oxide production and experience in the fields of red lead, litharge, battery oxide as well as plant engineering. Each of these two industrial partners had been involved in lead oxide production for more than a century and PENOX inherited this huge experience accumulated over many years.

This unique experience added to a passion for lead oxide makes PENOX the European leader of the lead oxide market and the preferred partner for the main users of lead oxide, especially in the battery sector, not forgetting crystal glass or ceramics. PENOX offers to its customers a unique security of supply being the only producer in Europe with multiple production sites, one in Germany and one in Spain.