PENOX Engineering

The PENOX Group has profound understanding of the production and technology of lead oxides. In our own production sites we have developed over many years advanced oxide processes with a high degree of automation, energy efficiency and product quality control. These processes have been refined and optimised in our own factories and are offered to our main customers.
The basic principles of our technology are:
  1. A high level of automation
  2. Superior environmental performance
  3. Ease of operation and control for the plant operators.
  4. Continuous improvements in the technology which are transmitted to our customers.
  5. High efficiency in the terms of energy, productivity and maintenance.
  6. Full service to customers, not only of oxide production plant but also ancilliary equipment such as storage handling processing drilling + air separation, sampling etc.
Our technology is not only for the production of lead oxides, it has applications in other fields, such as sampling devices (that are used in chemical process industries, for solids and pulps, in mines, in loading and unloading stations in factories and ports,… ) and our technology in continuous electrical furnaces up to 1000ºC (applications in industries which need to calcine, dry or sinter products).

Main Production / Process Equipment:
  1. Oxidation reactors to produce Battery Oxide (B140, B180, B180CR and P20)  Lead Oxide Furnaces Brochures
  2. Continuous furnace technology to produce litharge (LE2) and Red Lead (ME1 and ME2)
  3. Pilot plant with an electrically heated continuous furnace to test improvements and other calcination process outside of the lead oxide field
  4. Sampling devices for continuous process, for solids and pulps, for small flows like in the battery oxide plants or very big flows like in mines    Sampling Device Brochure
and PENOX Engineering is able to offer:
  1. Projects supplying just the core equipment
  2. Full turn-key processes, from the layout design, fabrication, construction & assembling to start-up and training
  3. Technical support (process audits, safety audits, technology advice, …)
In summary PENOX Engineering has the best world wide technology in lead oxide production equipment.  We aim to be the best technological partner for battery customers not only in lead oxide production but also in handling, storing, packing and active material processing.

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