Lead Oxides

The PENOX Group has a profound understanding of the production and technical application of lead oxides. Their production sites located in Germany, Spain, Mexico and Korea are producing all types of lead oxides with modern processes and excellent environmental performance as developed and designed by PENOX Engineering.
Starting from lead metal PENOX produces mill oxide, Barton- and P20-battery oxide, powder and granulated litharge, red lead and leady oxide mixtures of high purity for multiple industrial applications.
The PENOX Group is able to supply all grades of lead oxide in various packaging, such as 25kg paper bags, 1000kg big bags etc. High volume products are shipped preferably in silo trucks.

Battery Oxides
Currently lead acid battery producers are the biggest consumer of lead oxides, oxide mixtures and red lead produced within the PENOX Group. Especially the ongoing improvements of battery processes of manufacture are requesting much more specific product characteristics which have to meet the needs of a modern battery plant. The Battery Manufacturer can choose oxides produced with a Barton reactor, a P20 reactor or a ball mill. All oxide types have specific product characteristics such as acid absorption, water absorption and tamped density values related to the reactivity of the oxide. PENOX Group is able to offer a wide range of different product grades of constant quality and high purity.

Litharge is produced in a 2 step oxidation process to produce a free lead content of max 100 ppm. The application of litharge as a powder or granulate has moved from the production of TV tubes and is currently dedicated to the production of technical glass for X-ray protection, crystal glass, frits for ceramics, technical ceramics and the manufacture of specific plastic compounds and PVC stabilizers. PENOX Group can offer powder litharge with different grain sizes as well as compacted litharge as a granulate. As usual all grades can be delivered as high purity products.

Red Lead
Within the PENOX Group red lead is produced in two steps using batch and continuous operating furnaces. PENOX GmbH in Germany is also able to manufacture a single step red lead for special battery applications.
The final product quality is adjusted to the customer application in terms of Pb3O4 content, grain size distribution and tamped density. Red lead can be supplied in different grades matching the needs of batteries, optical or crystal glass, paints, frits for ceramics, technical ceramics and specific plastic compounds. All red lead grades can be made as high purity products.

Lead Oxide Mixtures
For special applications, e.g. high performance batteries where active materials are produced using mixtures of battery oxide and red lead, PENOX GmbH in Germany is able to blend different types of leady oxides. It is possible to produce mixtures such as mill oxide with Barton oxide, different types of battery oxides (coming from ball mill or Barton reactor) with red lead or litharge with red lead. The composition of the blend depends on customer’s request. Again all blends can be made as high purity products.