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PENOX at 18th ABC on Bali - Booth H86

PENOX Group is honored to announce our participation at 18th ABC in Bali from September 4-6, 2019 allowing us to present the latest developments on battery additives and lead oxides with the following papers:

  • Wednesday 4th September at 1.55pm presented by Dr. Rainer Bussar
  • “Systematic screening of new additives for lead-acid technology – the role of porosity and electrode surface area“ - review of the first results backed up by structural analysis of electrodes using a high-resolution SEM and element mapping techniques to correlate electrical performance with structural aspects of the active mass
  • Friday 6th September at 11.25am presented by Mr. Ian Klein
  • “Red lead for lead-acid batteries” – PENOX study on the relationship between the particle size distribution, the oxidation level of red lead and the battery performance

The following team members will be pleased to welcome you on our booth H86 and to propose PENOX solutions for your individual challenges:

  • Denis DOISEAU, CEO PENOX Group
  • Sean HA, Vice President PENOX Korea
  • Thorsten PETERS, Global Sales Director PENOX Group
  • Ian KLEIN, Head of Battery Additives PENOX GmbH
  • Dr. Rainer BUSSAR, Battery Additives Manager PENOX GmbH
  • Delphine BAUMANN, Product Development Engineer PENOX GmbH




September 2018 - Booth 28-36

We will be pleased to meet you from the 4th to the 7th, in Vienna; Booth 28-36.

Don't miss the presentation Supported by Battery Additives:

    “ Is a High Loading of Advanced Carbons the Best Solution for EFB Batteries?


July 2018






PENOX at 17th ABC in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) - September 2017


PENOX wishes to thank all our customers and guests for joining us at our booth at the 17th ABC! Our Battery Additives Manager, Mr Ian Klein generated a high level of interest from battery manufacturers with his presentation "Saving of active material without losing battery performance". It was a great pleasure to discuss with you our advanced red lead and battery additives (TBLS+ & expander mix).

A special thanks for having shared some nice pictures with us!




 November 2017



PENOX opens new product development centre in Germany

June 2017

Charge Acceptance:
How battery manufacturers benefit from using PENOX battery additives!

February 2017

PENOX at 15ELBC in La Valletta (Malta) - September 2016

PENOX wishes to thank all our customers and guests for joining us at our booth at the 15th ELBC in La Valetta/Malta on September 13-16! Our Battery Additives Manager, Mr Ian Klein generated a high level of interest from battery manufacturers around the globe with his presentation at the Supplier Forum. It was a great opportunity for us to discuss with you our latest improvements on current charge acceptance thanks to our battery additives, TBLS+ and expander mix PE110HCA.

September 2016

PENOX Group transfer to Germany

PENOX Group is one of the world’s largest producers of lead oxides, primarily for the lead-acid battery sector. We supply a full range of lead oxides partnering with all major SLI and industrial battery groups covering automotive, traction, UPS, storage and AGM/EFB applications.

By the end 2015, we transferred our headquarters from Roissy/France to Eschborn/Germany, close to Frankfurt am Main, and have renamed to PENOX Group GmbH instead of PENOX SA which does no longer exist. This move is only a relocation, shareholding and organisation structures remaining totally the same. Since spring 2016 PENOX headquarters are officially located in:

PENOX Group GmbH  Managing Director: Denis Doiseau
 Frankfurter Strasse 20 Registered Office: Frankfurt am Main/Germany
 65760 Eschborn Local Court: Frankfurt am Main/Germany
 Germany Register: HRB 104048
 Tel. +49 (0) 6196 969 3990 Tax-ID: 043 225 66501
 Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  VAT-Nr.: DE304542483

In our new offices you will find the following members of the already existing Executive Committee, now all operating out of one single location:

Denis DOISEAU, Chief Executive Officer
Jean LOUDENOT, Chief Financial Officer
David HARDY, Chief Technical Officer
Thorsten PETERS, Group Sales Director

This strategic transfer shows PENOX commitment as an international provider of products and services essential to efficient energy storage systems. With this move, PENOX Group management is
  • strengthening the relation to our customers
  • getting closer to its own factories
  • accelerating decision taking

In addition to the entire range of lead oxides and to the battery additives, PENOX Group, through PENOX Engineering, provides a full production equipment programme for battery oxides, red lead, litharge as well as transport, sampling and handling systems. A long project reference list including most major battery producers is evidence of the technical expertise of the Engineering team and the reliability, efficiency and control of the production equipment.

With production plants in Germany, Spain, Mexico and most recently in Korea, we are in a position to provide international battery producers with a global oxide, additives and engineering service.

PENOX at the 15th ELBC Malta

September 2016 - Booth 87-88

We will be pleased to meet you from the 13th to the 16th, in Valletta; Booth 87-88.
Don't miss the presentation on High Current Charge Acceptance Supported by Battery Additives!

April 2016

PENOX Additives Support Service

Since starting the development of battery additives PENOX has developed a deep knowledge about battery production processes and is able to assist battery manufacturers in the following process areas.

  1. Paste production and plate pasting
  2. Curing and drying
  3. Formation
PENOX provides solutions to battery manufacturers which help to improve their productivity, stabilise quality performance of their process and products.

PENOX Expander Production in Operation

PENOX as one of the world’s largest producers of chemical grade lead oxide (PbO), and a key strategic partner of the battery industry has recently enlarged its delivery programme at Penox GmbH in Germany with the advanced product expander mix.
Since early October 2012 Penox Expander Mixes are manufactured in a modern production unit in our plant in Ohrdruf/Thuringia. Our Expander Mixes are homogeneously blended products using high quality raw materials.
Our customers can order from 4 basic types.

    PE 110 Expander mix types for standard SLI batteries
    PE 210 Expander mix types for EFB, AGM and Gel-type batteries
    PE 300 Expander mix types for Stationary batteries
    PE 410 Expander mix types for Traction batteries

We are also well prepared to produce tailor-made expander mixes according to customer recipes.

PENOX at the 16th ABC (Thailand) - September 2015

PENOX participation at the 16th ABC in Bangkok on September 9-11, 2015 was a great success!

The announcement of the start-up of our manufacturing operation in Korea has been appreciated by all Asian-Pacific battery customers.
The presentation on AM savings achieved thanks to our battery additives, particularly TBLS+, by our Technical Manager, Mr Ian Klein, received many congratulations and raised many additional questions through the audience which we were pleased to answer on our booth.
We wish to thank all customers and visitors of PENOX at the 16th ABC for their interest in our products and services.
PENOX is looking forward to intensify our efforts to "Lighten your battery" and to "Expand your batteries lifetime".

16th ABC

September 2015

PENOX Group Starts Up Battery Oxide and Red Lead Production in Korea this Summer!

From July this year, the new state-of-the-art lead oxide production plant in YeongCheon City near Daegu in South Korea started battery oxide deliveries to one of the leading battery producers in Korea. From September the production plant also started deliveries of high grade red lead oxides to the Asian market.
The first ground work on site started in November 2014 and only 8 months later the new Korean production team started first deliveries. This project marks an important move for PENOX Group to establish a significant capacity production in the Asian markets and to provide an international lead oxide supply to the major battery manufacturers.
This provides to PENOX Group a true worldwide footprint allowing us to supply all the leading battery manufacturers with harmonized and consistent quality of lead oxides across the world and to supply Asian market with the high quality lead oxides developed in Europe to meet the new requirements of battery industry.

September 2015