New Barton 180 in Monterrey/Mexico!

“PENOX Group is delighted to announce the commissioning of our new Barton 180 in our facility close to Monterrey/Mexico! PENOX shareholders and Executive Board officially inaugurated our new line on October 15th, 2019, giving an additional capacity of 8000 tons per year to attend the growing needs of lead oxide for the NAFTA battery market!”

PENOX 25th anniversary

PENOX was born on October 1st, 1994 – as PENARROYA OXIDE – and find its origins in the merger of the lead oxide activities of Heubach & Lindgens and of Metaleurop, bringing together lead oxide production and experience in the fields of red lead, litharge, battery oxide and Engineering to create the European leader in lead oxide production. Even if we celebrate today our 25th anniversary, this is more than 150 years of experience that PENOX has acquired through these two initial industrial shareholders, involved in lead oxide production already in the 19th century.

This unique experience added to a passion for lead oxide makes PENOX the preferred partner for every important consumer of lead oxide, starting with all lead acid battery producers. PENOX offers to its customers a unique security of supply being the only producer in Europe with multiple production sites – one in Germany and one in Spain – but also the possibility to get global supply all around the world thanks to our factories in Mexico and Korea.

What will happen during the next 25 years? Environmental and energy storage issues are big challenges to the battery industry but also opportunities! PENOX R&D team is developing new materials to support the lead-acid battery industry in increasing its competitiveness by improving the performance of both positive and negative plates. 2019 – year of our 25th birthday – will be a record year for Battery Additives sales thanks to the hard team work, commitment and dedication of all the PENOX employees around the globe!

We take the opportunity of this 25th anniversary to thank warmly all our customers and business partners for the fruitful collaboration and partnership developed along the years and look forward to supporting you in the development of the next generation of lead acid battery!



Participation at the 18th ABC in Bali

PENOX Group is honored to announce our participation at 18ABC in Bali from September 4-6, 2019 allowing us to present the latest developments on battery additives and lead oxides with the following papers:

Wednesday 4th September at 1.55pm presented by Dr. Rainer Bussar

  • “Systematic screening of new additives for lead-acid technology – the role of porosity and electrode surface area” – review of the first results backed up by structural analysis of electrodes using a high-resolution SEM and element mapping techniques to correlate electrical performance with structural aspects of the active mass

Friday 6th September at 11.25am presented by Mr. Ian Klein

  • “Red lead for lead-acid batteries” – PENOX study on the relationship between the particle size distribution, the oxidation level of red lead and the battery performance


The following team members will be pleased to welcome you on our booth H86 and to propose PENOX solutions for your individual challenges :

  • Denis DOISEAU, CEO PENOX Group
  • Sean HA, Vice President PENOX Korea
  • Thorsten PETERS, Global Sales Director PENOX Group
  • Ian KLEIN, Head of Battery Additives PENOX GmbH
  • Dr. Rainer BUSSAR, Battery Additives Manager PENOX GmbH
  • Delphine BAUMANN, Product Development Engineer PENOX GmbH